Sunday, 24 November 2013



Should I apologize now or latter for my poor grammar and spelling – that’s why I teach Maths!

My first tentative steps into blogging – inspired by @sltcamp and @kevlister. I only have two worries about this 1) will anyone care, 2) will any read it!

This time last week - I was in the woods with a bunch of strangers I met on the internet!!

Weird isn't it?

But what is even weirder is I was giving up my weekend with my wife and child to go and talk about education, share ideas on how to improve it. There is no other industry where people would give up their free time to carry out unpaid CPD.

Education is funny thing and leadership of education is even funnier. We all have different opinions and different styles but we share a common goal - achievement for all.

What did I get out of it?

Working in a school is crazy, leading in a school in mental! If you aren't careful you can go for months on end dealing with task after task but never leading. You become a doer not a thinker.

It is hard - if you don't do - you fall behind. If you don't stop to think you never act you just react.

SLTcamp gave me the time to think, be provoked and question what I believe in. (I didn't change what I believe in but it did reaffirm it).  It allowed my to think about being a leader and the type of leader I wanted to be.

Would I do it again? Not sure.

Would I recommend it? Yes

Education is about learning and sharing - if as school leaders we stop learning and sharing then we stop being part of the process.

What next?

I am thinking about starting a teachmet in my school and buying magic whiteboard paper!

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